Service Fees


  Active Reactive Network connection On-Off
Production Electricity Active   :  Electricity Energy Cost+%10+ Other Costs
Reactive:  Official Tariff of EPDK for distributer system users
Official Tariff of EPDK for distributer system users Power x 4 $ + Distribution Point Connection Cost 50 $
Construction Electricity Active Energy Cost + %10 + Other Costs   Power x 4 $ 50 $
DEPOSIT Power x 10 $
Installation On - Off Consumption (purifying + sewage included)
7,5 $ x Water Depot Capacity (m3) 50 $ Production water 1,60 $/m3
Construction Water 2,00 $/m3
Excess Waste Water Charge   COD 0,60 $/ kg
Total Phosphorus 1,00 $/ kg
    TKN 0,50 $ / kg
Connection and Control Deposit Price On-Off
0-25 Nm3/h Capacity Over 25 Nm3/h Capacity
2.500 $ (Nm3/h-25) x 30$ (Capacity (Nm3/h) x 225 (Working Hour) x Natural gas sales price) x 0.5 Official Rate + %10 50 $


Connection and Control Deposit Price On-Off
50 $/PC 100 $/PC Official Rate + %10 50 $
Control and Connection Deposit Line rental/Monthly On-Off
Copper Cable Fiber Optics Cable
Official Price + (One Pair Wire x 30 $) Official price + (4 $/M) 1 month official rental fee (Official Rate) Official Rate + %10 50 $

Technical Services

Project Control 0,80 $/m2
Construction Control 1,20 $/m2
Technical Services Ascertain Price (per unit work) 30 $ / work
Landscape Design Tendering on the basis of project

General Service Fee7

Closed Area (Monthly) Closed Area (m2/month)
0 - 119 120 - 959 960 - 4.999 5.000-49.999           50.000 and over                                Land
60 $ 100 $ 0,17 $ 0,10 $                         0.08 $                                               0,03 $

Loading and Unloading

  With Palette Without Palette Bulk Goods
Loading3 6 $/Tone 7 $/Tone 24 $/Tone
Unloading3 6 $/Tone 7 $/Tone 24 $/Tone
Loading-Unloading coordination fee.4 With Palette Loading or Unloading List Price x (%25)
In-house storage and arrangement Forklift Work 25 $/Hour/Forklift
Additional Worker 10 $/Hour/Worker
Forklift Operator 15 $/Hour/Forklift Operator

Vehicle Parking6

Exterior Parking Fee:

0-45min Free of Charge, 45min-12hours 10TL, over 12 hours 20TL/DAY

Interior Vehicle Parking (Long Vehicle, Truck)6



15 $/Day


Breakfast for 1 person 2,50 $
Meal for 1 person 2,85 $

Additional Services

Weighbridge cost5 / Verified Gross Weight Fee 4 $/Vehicle  7$/Vehicle
Vehicle Entrance5 3 $/Vehicle
Vehicle entrance stampt 20 $ /Year/Pc.
Free Zone Operation Form,
Container and Machinery temporary entrance Form
3 $ / Pc.
Filling Free Zone Operation Form 30 $ / Pc.


1. "Other Costs: Energy Distribution, Energy Fund, TRT Share (for consumers without Industry Registration Certificate), etc. determined by EPDK for Distribution System Users.DM Connection Cost applies to customers above the 150 kW connection power. The cost of the LV or MV wiring required to connect the Customer Facility to the EFZ Distribution Center is borne by the customer. DM Connection costs will not be charged from establishing your own Transformer. The Loss Multiplier will be added to the consumption amount on a monthly basis

2. In the case of having more than one parameter limit exceeding in the same wastewater sample, the highest price will be billed.

3.-5. If services are given after 18:00,at weekends and/or official holidays; 50% increase over the list price is applicable. If the overtime requirements are made for overwork hours (after 18:00), the employees shall wait for the work to be realized until 20:00 and if the work is not still realized, then workers are sent after 20:00 and company who requires for overtime working is subject to pay 370 TL waiting fee.

4. If the user prefers to do loading/unloading with its own staff or a Professional team from outside of the free zone with the approval of the Free Zone Directorate, then the user accepts to pay 25% of the list price of loading/unloading services for goods with palette price.

5. Every commercial vehicle will be weighed while going in and out of the free zone.

6. Parking fee shall be taken from the vehicles which park between 22:00-05:00 hours (automobiles excluded).

7. General fees include: environment, cleaning, collecting garbage (except industrial wastes), general illumination, general security and maintenance of general infrastructure. “INDUSTRIAL WASTES”, special industrial wastes will be collected according to the special agreements separately made with the users.

8.10% coordination fee over the total value of F.Z.O.F. shall be applicable to catering (meal) services if the service will be provided by another company than free zone operator company (EFZ)

9. 10 USD will be charged each time if  (5 tons) water is required in the  tank in addition to tractor operation.

Important Notes

  • The services which are not indicated herein will be invoiced as cost + 10%
  • Payments for the listed services are in ADVANCE payment. EFZ may stop giving services to the users who do not pay for the service fees.
  • The above mentioned services can be given only if the infrastructure under the responsibility of user companies is suitable.
  • The services that are not indicated in the price list but obliged to be done due to legal purposes the cost shall be calculated as Cost+coordination fee




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