EFZ has an advantage of accessibility thanks to its location on İstanbul-Edirne TEM motorway. It has a 1200 m. of frontage to TEM motorway, and the roads inside the zone are completed in accordance with the standards that comply with heavy-duty vehicle traffic. Since it is 7 km to the nearest settlement, it offers employees settlement opportunity close to the region.


Potable water is provided from the artesian wells that installed by EFZ. The infrastructure of potable water that provided through the wells is ready in the region. It is inspected with water analyses at regular intervals.



Energy is provided by EFZ in small and medium parcels as 65W electricity per m2. The supplementary investment cost for additional energy demand will be covered by user. The electricity in EFZ is provided on industrial tariff and as exempted from VAT and municipal taxes. The energy taken from Ulaş İM that has 8 km distance from ASB is provided continuously. There are ongoing studies to set up cogeneration system in the following years.

Natural Gas:

The natural gas connection line in our region that serves at the moment was brought to EFZ with a 6 km of distance and 60 bars from Russian Natural Gas main line that passes through Çorlu-Yulaflı region, and connected to RMS-A (pressure reducing and measuring) station with a capacity of 12.000 m3/h. For the natural gas line that comes to the region through RMS-A, consumption values were received from existing facilities and potential consumption values on sectorial basis for empty parcels were estimated and put into use after preparing the projects. Main line is laid with steel pipes, and distribution lines are laid with natural Polyethylene pipes. The distribution of natural gas supplied from BOTAŞ with the exemption of VAT is carried out by EFZ.

Phone and Data Lines:

A modern communication infrastructure along with a backup system is established for each parcel with Fiber Optic and Copper network bodies in EFZ. EFZ gives services in a high technology with its own Power Station and POP point, and offers all kind of communication needs from a single point with minimum bureaucracy and in high speed and quality. In a place that offers all kind of communication services, you can benefit from a wide range of services from PSTN, ISDN Sound circuits to Private International circuits in EFZ. "Without having to think about it, you can focus on your core business"

Rain and Waste Water Lines:

The rain and dirty water lines are made in sections in EFZ. The wastewater line, whose large cross section lines are laid with gallery system and small cross section lines are laid with polyethylene pipes, is given to the biological treatment plant that has a capacity of 2.500 m3/day. Companies that have a large amount of pollution load can connect to wastewater line after they conduct pre-treatment on their parcels. The treatment plant is planned as a modular system and projected as to grow step by step in parallel with EFZ's structuring.


Having ISO-22000 Food Safety Management certificate, EFZ produces hot-cold meals and bakery products including bread in its modern facilities with a capacity of food production for 5.000 people. Food products are serviced via transport, on-site service or in the cafeterias. Other needs are also met through the canteens that employees in the region can easily reach.

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