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European Free Zone Founder and Operator CO. (EFZ) is a company of Şahinler Holding which is a top name in Turkish textile sector. From cotton to yarn, fabric, dyeing, sizing, printing, confection design, reaching the final consumer as wholesale and retail, Şahinler Holding is "A Fully Integrated Group of Companies" that holds all rings of textile and fashion. The Group has operations with foreign trade, textile and confection companies in Turkey, Jordan, Bulgaria and Egypt, and with wholesale and retail marketing companies in Europe and U.S.A. Holding a total number of 12 thousand personnel, the Group indirectly employs 30 thousand people as well. With a goal of maintaining the steady growth performance it has so far for the coming years as well, the Group's turnover has exceeded 1 billion dollars. Among the activities of the Group other than textile, there are food, energy, tourism, construction and free zone management.

The foundation of European Free Zone, one of the largest private sector industrial projects of Turkey, was laid on 8 August 1998. The official opening was made by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2003, and thanks to the investments ASB rose to the 4th rank among the free zones in Turkey by exceeding the annual 2 billion dollars in trade volume in a short period of time. EFZ, founded on a land of 2 million square meters in Çorlu/Tekirdağ which is located in the center of istanbul, Europe and major transport networks, has currently 200 active companies. Over 3 thousand people are employed, and the production of the world's leading brands takes place in the zone.

European Free Zone whose project was drawn by one of the largest architectural groups of America, Swanke Hayden Cornell Project, gives all the infrastructure services as electricity, water, natural gas, waste water, sewage, roads, communication, etc, to its investors with the assurance of 5 separate quality certificates. In addition to infrastructure services, construction-contracting, catering, information technology, insurance, maintenance and repair, loading / unloading, warehousing, consulting, private security, conference room, etc. services are also provided.

Lands with ready infrastructure, general and private warehouses, offices and open stock areas, ready production facilities are offered to the investors in EFZ with leasing or title deed ownership.

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